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Brand: mimosu
Scent: Citrus
Item Form: Liquid
Active Ingredients: lactic_acid, glycolic_acid, rice water , Apple Cider Vinegar
Age Range (Description): Adult

Hair Growth & Regrowth : Just as a rich harvest emerges from fertile land, hair thrives on a healthy scalp. Our rice water vinegar rinse is designed to clarify and moisturize the scalp surface, balancing its pH level to promote natural hair growth.
Cleansing & Conditioning at Once : Infused with rice water and ACV, this rice water apple cider vinegar hair rinse provides proper cleansing and conditioning for the scalp and hair, instead of relying on excessive shampoo. Mix and match your washing routine with a vinegar rinse for a refreshing experience and to leave your hair energized.
AHA Bubble for Scalp Build up Care : Gently remove build-up impurities caused by styling and conditioning products with a unique bubble formula infused with glycolic acid and lactic acid, two representative AHA low molecular vegan ingredients.
Soothing & Calming for Sensitive Scalp : As much as scalp cleansing, scalp soothing and moisturizing are also important. Calming herbal extracts(such as rosemary, lavender, and thyme) infuse the hair with hydration for improved manageability.
Keep Shine Glossy Colored Hair : Unlike detergent shampoo, this rice water vinegar rinse is a gentle cleanser, making it suitable for color-treated hair. Also, then water-soluble-based conditioner permeates your hair well and helps your hair look vibrant and shiny. Restore the natural pH balance of your scalp with this solution.
Rice water may help accelerate hair growth - rice water amino acids add volume, strengthen the hair roots, and smooth the surface of the hair by making it shiny. In addition,Inositol stays inside the hair, offering continuing hair protection.

Rice Water for Hair Growth - Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse with Rice Water Cle

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