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Nanoe Technology for Hydrated, Frizz-Free Hair : Hair dryer draws moisture from the air and creates super-fine, moisture-rich nanoe particles that suppress static electricity and penetrate the shaft of hair to help keep each strand healthy
Oscillating Quick Dry Nozzle: Innovative, back-and-forth moving nozzle dries hair quickly and gently with no hot spots, keeping your head cool and saving you time and effort
Small, Yet Powerful: A lightweight, easy-to-hold hair dryer helps keep your arms comfortable while styling; 1400 watts of power dry your hair quickly and thoroughly
Foldable, Compact Design: Folding hair dryer fits easily in your drawer or suitcase; maintain salon-quality style when traveling and still keep your luggage light; store it easily in a vanity drawer without crowding
Three Airflow Settings for Custom Styling: High, Medium, and Cool settings to style your hair to perfection, powered by 1400 watts for efficient drying

Lightweight, Travel-Ready Hair Dryer for Healthy Hair

For healthy and frizz-free hair, look no further than Panasonic nanoe technology, which hydrates every shaft of hair and suppresses static electricity. The back-and-forth moving nozzle dries hair quickly and gently, with a lightweight portable design that's great for both travel and home.

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nanoe technology

nanoe technology draws moisture from the air and creates super-fine, hydration-rich nanoe particles that penetrate every shaft of hair, keeping each strand healthy and reducing frizz, static, and damage.

Unique Oscillating NozzleFolds up for Travel and Easy Storage

Back-and-forth movement of the dryer nozzle keeps your head cool and promotes faster, more gentle hair drying with less effort.

Take it to go -- or keep it tucked away. Lightweight, foldable design is great for travel and home use so you look great anywhere, anytime.

Small but PowerfulHigh, Medium, Cool SettingsWipe-Clean FilterLong Cord for Maneuverability

Powered by 1400 watts, the EH-NA2C-W dries hair fast and efficiently.

2 heat settings hot/cool and 2 speed settings high/med style your hair to perfection

Keep your dryer running efficiently with a filter that wipes clean easily.

A 5.5-ft long cord lets you style with full freedom of movement






Panasonic nanoe Salon Hair Dryer

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