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Product Benefits: Curl Enhancing
Hair Type: Frizz,Curl
Material Type Free: Paraben Free
Scent: Ylang Ylang
Liquid Volume: 8.4 Fluid Ounces

Looking for curl mousse for curly hair that helps hold curls stay refine and shine during the day?
We name this product EYE FEEL FLEXIBLE, we here to create curly hair mousse for women that give a hold to their curls but not hardening too much. Our curly mousse good for wavy and coil hair texture.
🤙Your best curl mousse for wavy hair or curly hair. Easy to use, work on natural curls, wigs with curls or even synthetic hair.
✌️ What kind of curl enhancing mousse you looking for? hair mouuse to refine curls? taming frizz? hold curls or soften curls?
🤝 Why hair mouse for frizzy hair instead of cream or gel? Curling foam mousse is able to use 4 to 5 pumps for each sections, is easy to create different styles, also mousse dry faster.

Mut Dynasty Frizz Control Curl Mousse

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