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Product Benefits: Flexible Hold, Moisturize , Volumize, Nourishment , Softness, Shine, Hyration, Crunch-free
Hair Type: Dry, Curly

Scent: Coconut Milk, Floral, & Woody
Liquid Volume: 251.38 Milliliters

Embrace The Curl: Moisturize and volumize while keeping curls intact with this airy foam styling mousse
Soft, Crunch-Free Feel: This lightweight, no-crunch mousse helps define and retain, adds volume to and de-frizzes curls
100 Percent Aloe Vera as the First Ingredient: This airy, vegan formula quenches tight curls to make them look and feel hydrated and healthy. The infusion of coconut milk and mango butter gives your hair the moisture it needs without weighing your curls down
Easy Styling: Dispense the foam into your hands and apply it evenly to damp hair. Scrunch your curls and let it dry
Free of Harsh Additives: Love the natural goodness of a hair product free of parabens, silicones, sulfated surfactants, synthetic dye, mineral oil and gluten

Maui Moisture Flexible Hold + Coconut Milk Curl Foam Mousse

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