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Product Benefits: Shine, Moisturizing
Hair Type: Normal
Material Type Free: Silicone Free
Scent: Coconut
Liquid Volume: 2360 Milliliters

GIVE YOUR TRESSES A TASTE OF COCONUT. Our hair gel is made with 100 percent pure coconut oil to promote a healthy scalp while adding moisture, luster and shine to hair. This main ingredient helps protect hair from free radicals and protein loss.
LONG LASTING LUSTER. Keep stunning styles shining with our hair gel. Your hair will remain supple and moisturized without wax or grease. This is the ideal styling product to work into your morning routine and give you a boost of confidence.
SUPERIOR HOLD. Don't choose between hydration and hold! This hair gel provides superior staying power while keeping your hair moisturized with natural ingredients. Feel confident knowing your hairstyle won't gently deflate throughout the day.
FIND YOUR PERFECT GEL. We offer the largest selection of hair styling gels so that you can choose the right gel for any style you desire. Our gels are designed to condition as you style, while maximizing hold duration, frizz and moisture control.
MADE IN THE USA. Our USA-based plants set the standard for quality products that care for you and the world around us. Our family of products are instruments for styling and self-expression so you are held to no standard other than your own.

Eco Style Coconut Oil Styling Gel - Adds Luster and Moisturizes Hair - Weightle

$27.00 Regular Price
$24.30Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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