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Brand: Diane
Color: Brown
Shape: Rectangular
Bristle Material: Boar
Handle Material: Nylon

2-BRUSHES-IN-1: The Diane Premium Boar 2-Sided Club Brush is specially made with 100% medium firm boar bristles on one side and firm nylon reinforced boar bristles on the other side.
VERSATILE STYLING: This boar bristle brush is excellent for smoothing, forming and maintaining 360 wave styles on textured hair types. It can also be used for everyday detangling and styling on straight and finer hair types.
GENTLE ON SCALP + ADDS SHINE: Our pure boar bristles are gentle on sensitive scalps, helping to seal in split ends, prevent hair breakage, and reduce frizz. Boar bristles also evenly distribute the scalp's oils down the hair strand from root to tip, creating a natural, healthy shine.
BEARD AND MUSTACHE CARE: This brush can be used to smooth and shape facial hair and to apply balm or wax to beards and mustaches.
DURABLE: The brush base is made of real wood with special UV coating to prevent against moisture and wear; the advanced implantation technology reduces bristle loss for long-lasting use.

Diane Premium 100% Boar Bristle

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