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Brand: Crave Naturals
Color: Pink
Shape: Square
Special Feature: Flexible
Product Benefits: Detangle

DETANGLES MESSY CURLS (DMC) - No more messy curls with Crave Naturals glide thru detangling brush! Comfortably tackles all kinds of tangles on all types of hair. Wet or dry, too.
HAPPY WASH DAYS - Sacrificing time and energy on wash days is a thing of the past. Built to help you feel entirely refreshed and happier with your end result in half the time and half the amount of strokes.
5 LAYERS OF FLEX - A first-of-its-kind! Featuring five flexible layers that mold to your scalp instead of pulling from it, this Crave brush is a must-have for tender-headed queens.
PAIN FREE - Dual-functioned to glide through hair and massage your scalp while working through the most stubborn of knots.
BYE-BYE BREAKAGE - Moves with you and your curls, instead of tugging and pulling at tangled hair, minimizing breakage and split ends.

Crave Naturals FLEX DMC Detangling Brush

$12.00 Regular Price
$10.80Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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