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Scent: Rosemary
Item Weight: 110 Grams
Item Form: Spray
Active Ingredients: vitamin_c, salicylic_acid

✔️A spa experience in a bottle: AROMATICA creates the balance between skin, body, and mind. Having that sense of well-being with nourishing herbal aromatherapy.
✔️Root revitalizing scalp enhancer that strengthens while it nourishes the hair and scalp
✔️Formulated with Salicylic Acid, effectively removes waste and dead skin cells that clogs up scalp pores
✔️6 types of Black Food Complex (Black Rice, Black Bean, Black Sesame, Eggplant Fruits, Mulberry Fruits, Pepper Seeds) promote hair growth and nourish hair and scalp.
✔️100% recycled plastic bottle: We are passionately taking a stand to return the earth to its natural state, and to preserve and restore the planet.

AROMATICA Rosemary Root Enhancer 3.38oz

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