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Product Benefits: Shine, Firm Hold
Hair Type: All
Scent: Natural
Liquid Volume: 3.25 Fluid Ounces
Item Form: Solid,Spray

Must-have Hair Pomade: Unleash the full potential of your hair with Tres Flores Brilliantine Solid Hair Pomade. Providing brilliant shine and control for manly manes, keep this as your partner in all your hairstyling escapades. Suitable for all hair types.
Ultra-sleek Styling: Offering a flexible yet firm hold, you can experiment with all sorts of looks for your hair. Whether it’s a short pompadour or a slicked back style, use this alone for a smooth, natural look or with another styling product as the perfect finishing touch.
Classic Fragrance: True to its name, this brilliantine hair formula by Tres Flores holds the brand’s immaculately light floral scent. Top off your everyday style with a charming coif and a sweet smell to boot. Elevating your hair grooming game has never been this good.
Economical: Get value for your money with 3.25 ounces of this trusty Tres Flores solid brilliantine. Rock different stylish hair looks and feel extra fine each time you step out of the house. Great for everyday wear or for special occasions.
Iconic Go-to Brand: Tres Flores Brilliantine (Three Flowers), world renowned for almost 100 years in personal care products. With its unique Three Flowers fragrance the brand continues to maintain its popularity among hair enthusiasts.

Ardell Three Flowers Brilliantine Pomade Solid 3.25oz

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